Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I bought this years ago from a woman who was selling her handmade jewelry outside of a house on a home tour I was attending.  I was drawn not only to the words stamped on the copper pendant, but to the piece's imperfections.  I love that it's not a perfect rectangle, but that it's edges are a little jagged. I love that when people read it, it takes them a minute to read, due not only the small print,but also because the word "incredible" is split up in an unexpected way.  And I love the way the bezel around the green stone is a little mushed up, and how there's that random little hunk of silver in the bottom left corner of the pendant.

The things I love the most are never perfect.

Maybe that's why I'm such a lover of vintage jewelry and I choose to use it for my own imperfect jewelry designs.  Lots of times, there are missing stones, weird discolorations, and little bumps and bruises that have happened over the years. And for me, that's where the magic is!

I wish I knew who the woman who made this was so I could credit her- but all I can tell you is how much I love this piece of jewelry.  It reminds me that being perfect is something I never even want... but that still, I can do incredible things

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