Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Brother, My Neighbor

Growing up, I had a great relationship with my big brother.  Although he was (and still is!) 6 years older than me, he never seemed to think of me as a burden.  He and I played together, laughed together, and he even made all his friends be nice to me as we grew up.  When we were really young, we even told Mom that when we grew up, we planned to get married.  She explained to us that no, you can't really get married, nor would you want to, if you're brother and sister.  So, we agreed but compromised with, "Ok, then we're going to live next door to each other."

And that was that.

Obviously, as we grew older, the marriage idea totally went out the window, as did the next door neighbor idea.  But we've remained close our whole lives.  I think my brother is THE most fun person to hang around.  I laugh with him like I laugh with nobody else.  And I realize how lucky we are to be such great pals!
my bro and me, being stupid

If only my Mom were around still, she would be laughing hysterically that my brother is house hunting, and it's looking like the house he will likely get is 4 streets over from mine!  Both his potential house, and me and Fermin's house are one block over from the neighborhood school, just in opposite directions.  And to top off the coincidences, our house humbers are the exact same!

So, it just may turn out that the thing we said about living next door to each other may just come very close to being the truth.  

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Melissa Sarno said...

Aw, I love this : ) Such a wonderful relationship to hold on to. Love that you wanted to be married! Ha!