Monday, April 5, 2010

Swim Class

I am taking a month long swim class that starts tonight.

Yes, I DO know how to swim. But when I say that, I mean I can jump in a pool, swim around a bit, turn a few somersaults without water going up my nose, and then go on to float around on a raft for hours.

But I don't swim laps for a workout. I've tried doing it here and there, but I'm not so good with the breathing. So after just a few laps, I'm exhausted.

My husband and one of our good friends signed up for a swim class with Dallas Aquatic Masters (DAM!). I decided to join them. I figure it will be a good balance with my running. I am a little nervous I'll be the slowest, most out-of-breath person in the class. But it's pretty much a guarantee I'll improve once I get a little instruction.

I've got my swim cap, my pink googles, and my brand new swimsuit all ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget your arm floaties and you know what they say.... what happens in the pool stays in the pool. Go USA!

Anonymous said...

About Jim Montgomery DAM Founder!
First man to break 50 seconds
in the 100-meter freestyle

A true champion, in the 1976 Montreal Olympics Jim was the first man ever to break 50 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle. Breaking this barrier was equivalent to Roger Bannister’s four minute mile in track.

Jim won two more golds and a bronze in the 1976 Olympics, but his record as king of the World Championships is still more phenomenal. He won a record five golds in the first World Championships at Belgrade in 1973 and repeated with four golds, a silver and a bronze in Cali 1975 and Berlin 1978.

FANTASTIC! and DAM is right here in Dallas! Yippee! Kevk

Kerri said...

Do you think Jim will ever show up to our class now that you've given him this big write up?