Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Than Skeletal Remains

I wrote several weeks ago, a post about some skeletal remains found in my neighborhood. 

Well, I finally have an update.

While I was walking the girls today, Scout was pulling me towards that same little wooded area I mentioned before...where the bones were found, and where I cut thru to the running trail daily.  Scout isn't a puller, but she definitely wanted to go down there, so I let her dicate our route.

And just as we were heading down the narrow path, we had to pull over because I saw 3 women walking up.  One of them said, "Are they nice?" (referring to my dogs) and I said that yes, so one girl began petting Zoe.  Then another girl asked, "Do you walk with them often? On this path?"  It sounded weird, and I started to feel a little nervous.  "Yeah...." I said.  And then she told me the reason she was asking was because the police think her Mom's skeletal remains were found along this path and she wondered if I knew anything about it. 

Am I on candid camera?  Um yeah.  I know something about it.  I've talked about it a lot over the last few weeks.  And I even videotaped the "crime scene."  I've made up different story lines of who's body it was and how it got there.

I had a brief conversation with them.  The daughter was down from Ohio, hoping to get a little closure.  She wanted to see where things were found.  I was able to show her where the wheelchair and bones were found. 

She told me the police think her mom committed suicide.  They found her wheelchair and her i.d. and are awaiting the DNA results to see if the bones match up.

It seems so weird to me that I've stumbled on this story twice now, at just the right moment to know anything about it.  First, just as the police were roping off the area and beginning the investigation.  And then today, I just happened to come in contact with those women as they were walking up and I was walking down the path. 

And now I realize those bones where once a real live person.  A mother.  Someone that was loved by somebody.   She is more than just skeletal remains to someone.


David said...

Added eeriness: that you would encounter these folks so close to the anniversary of your own mom's death. The Universe is trying to tell you something. Or perhaps it's using you for something.

kerri said...

Yes, I agree.

Somebody wants me to know this story, or something.

Hm. I wonder what the universe might be using me for. ???

I'm still baffled with the nosebleed that morning too... I don't care how much pollen is in the air, I've never had a bloody nose in my entire life.