Monday, April 19, 2010

City Island

Since it was a rainy Sunday yesterday, my husband didn't play golf. Yay, rain!
Which meant he went with me to the movies instead.

We went and saw "City Island". I've wanted to see it since I saw Andy Garcia on "The View" with his daughter- who also plays his daugther in the movie. When I had seen the trailers for "City Island", I thought it was just a movie about a family that screams at each other. But when I saw the two of them talking about it, it looked like more than that.

This movie that's set in City Island, a part of the Bronx, a family hides all sorts of secrets from each other- from small ones like the bad habit of smoking, to bigger ones like being a stripper instead of a college student, to huge ones like having an illegitimate son that's never been mentioned before. All the secrets are eventually revealed during the course of this movie.

It's a comedy, but obviously it's got a lot of interesting things running deeper than just a light comedy.

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