Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kicking and Screaming

After numerous meltdowns over the weekend, I think I'm back to a state of emotional stability.

It is in times like these I am thankful to be living with a man who has known me for around 20 years.  I'm not proud to say he has seen me at my worst many times, but that's the sad truth.  I wish I just saved the best of me for him, but unfortunately, as is human nature, the best of me sometimes goes out to strangers instead. 

Isn't that weird when you think about it?  I go out of my way to smile at a stranger.  The less I know someone, the more patient and kind I tend to be.  That is really so backwards, huh?

Anyway, back to the meltdowns.  The tantrums.  The kicking and screaming (metaphorically speaking or course), that I did over the last few days...  I was really unhappy (with myself) about several things.   Getting so mad and irrate about things was the catalyst for a new way of thinking on the very things I was wigging out about.  So even though it sucked, and I wish I had handled it all differently, I'm glad I got fed up enough to actually invite and then embrace some changes into my life.

I realize I'm being vague here.  If I were to tell you what my big issues were, I realize now that they would sound so unimportant.  In the whole scheme of life and the world, I know now that there were, in fact, not important at all. 

How lucky I am!   My husband still loves me.   He knows when to listen, but not really take me too seriously.  He just lets me throw my tantrum, and let's me move on from it when I can.  Back to emotional stability.  Whew. 

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