Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kind of Plant

I'm not known for my green thumb. In fact, quite the opposite. Most plants I buy end up dead or at least droopy within about a month's time.

The plant pictured below however, is a different story.

Last summer, I bought this plant. It flowered for a while, and then it stopped. I kind of lost interest and stopped watering it. Eventually, all that was in that particular pot seemed to die off. Then autumn came. And then winter. We had some nights that were freezing and you were suppose to bring in plants that you could, or cover ones that you couldn't. I, of course, continued to ignore this pot, thinking nothing was alive in there anyway.

A few weeks ago, I thought a little weed was growing in the pot. Weeds seem to make it through anything. But after a few more days, there were flower buds on this plants. And then a few days after that, lots of buds. And then voila!

As you can see, this is no weed!  This is some miracle plant.  One that grew even though I ignored it for almost an entire year.  This is exactly the kind of plant I need in my life!  I'm almost afraid to water it or pay it any attention to it at all.  It seems to thrive in the worst of conditions.  

If you happen to know what kind of flower/plant this is, please tell me the name.  I should plant them in all my pots.  This is most definitely my kind of plant.


David said...

Can't tell whether the first comment posted, so I'm trying again.

The plant is a Columbine, a perennial. Credit goes to my friend Suzanne Raggio Westerheim.

Kerri said...

i don't know where your first comment is? out in space somewhere. well, thank you for trying again b/c i got it this time. okay, COLUMBINE. i'll make note. thank you, and thank you suzanne! :)