Monday, February 26, 2007

What Diet Coke Taught Me

I just completed the week of NO Diet Coke. It wasn't nearly as challenging as I had anticipated. There was only one day when I wished for one...I was tired, I was hungry and I had a headache. I thought, "If only I could have a Diet Coke...." But then, like a determined recovering addict, I said NO.

And all in all, I'm glad. I think my stomach is happier. There's a funky acid feeling I get when I drink a soft drink that isn't all that great. Also, I think more water can never be a bad thing. I've always been a big water drinker, but now I have even more because it's ALL I drink. (Oh wait, I did have one Chai Tea from Starbucks this week.) And I just enjoyed depriving myself. No, really. I did. Just like with anything, if you restrict it, than it's even more of a treat when you actually do have it. Case in point: That Starbucks Chai Tea I drank this weekend tasted so delicious because I don't regularly have them. I use to, and I just didn't appreciate them the same way. I loved it so much this weekend that I was actually making sounds like "MMMMMMMMMM" and "ahhhh" as I drank it.

A week or two ago, we had plumbing problems and kept running out of hot water during showers. Even worse, I couldn't take my usual nightly bath. This lasted for only a few days, but by the time I had ample hot water again I was SO elated to take my hot bath at night. I always love it- it's my bedtime ritual, but just being deprived of it a few nights made me appreciate it all the more.

So, I've learned I don't "need" the d.c. as often as I thought I did. I still haven't had one and I'm not really anticipating it with glee. I also learned depriving myself of things that become habits is a good thing. By changing things up I can re-evaluate if I really need it, or really want it, or if it's just simply an unconcious decision I make.

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Sandra said...

You sound exactly like my room mate from university. I am the same way with chocolate I swear.