Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All My Teeth

For awhile now, I've had sensitive teeth. When I say aWHILE, I mean for years, and it seems to be getting worse. And when I say worse, I mean on a cold day I try not to smile at people if I'm standing outside because as the cold air hits my teeth, well one in particular anyway, it HURTS. And by hurt, I mean it feels the way fingernails on a chalkboard sound! yuck.

I've mentioned it a few times to my dentist. He told me it's just my receding gums. Super. I remember once he mentioned something about if it ever got to be too much and was really bothering me, I could have a skin graph. I've heard about the procedure and it sounds painful. They take skin from the roof of your mouth and transplant it to your gums. And you feel like you have a big bad pizza burn on the roof of your mouth that lasts far longer than I can fathom.

I also know I've got an OLD filling in that tooth. Over 20 years old. So maybe my filling was breaking loose. Or falling apart. Or leaking. Hey wait, isn't there mercury in those old fillings? Isn't that poisonous?

So before my dentist appointment this week I was thinking of the hell I was sure to have to soon go thru: Either a skin graph, a crown (and NOT the kind a princess wears), a root canal, or the removal of my molar. If I didn't love my dentist I would've bailed out of the appointment. I could just continue avoiding cold things on that side of my mouth. But please, don't pull out my teeth!!!

But as it turned out, they (the dentist and my hygienist) attributed my pain to the receding gums. They just brushed on this stuff that looked like clear nail polish that is actually a desensitizer. YAY!

This turned out to be a way, way better day than I thought it would be- I've still got ALL my teeth! YIPPY!

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