Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Want to Listen

Today I went to sent in on the Allegro Guitar Society meet-up held in the community room at 1/2 Priced Books. I hadn't been in a few months. Every time I go I am inspired by these humble, classical guitarists who meet once or twice a month to perform for the group, and for who ever else happens to be in the community room.

So, as expected, the music was lovely. Inspiring. But, there were so many other people meeting in the same room that I had to strain to hear the music. It was so sad to me that there was so much talking going on and so little attention being given to each guitarist. Many of these people, from what they've said, don't play for people other than at these meet ups. I know how brave they have to be to get up there and play these beautiful and intricate pieces they have memorized. I think everyone in there should drop what they're doing (if it makes any noise at all!) and LISTEN. They only meet once or twice a month for 2 hours. Can't they have a little peace and quite so they can concentrate and so that all the lovely sounds they make with their instruments can be heard?

And I think by being repectiful enough to listen, all of the "listeners" could really benefit from just listening. What a great way to unwind on a Sunday afternoon.

It's a beautiful thing what these guitarists do. They are passionate about their playing; it's clear as you listen to them interpret the songs they play. And they are going a step or two beyond just practicing at home. They're taking it out into the public domain. They're sharing their gift and hard work- for free, too! Just for the love of it. And I for one, WANT to listen!

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