Thursday, February 22, 2007

A.I. Continued..

Night 2 seemed better. At least 1/2 of the girls were good.

I realized strongly something most of the contestants do that I found VERY annoying. I can't stand how they hold up the number of fingers that represents their call in number, as they mouth "VOTE FOR ME" while Ryan Seacrest is talking. I noticed the girl at the very end, with the big gigantic voice, didn't do that, so I liked her. I kind of think the girl who use to be a back-up singer didn't do it as well.

I sort of kept noticing during the show, that most of the really good singers seemed pretty humble, and the not as good singers were overly confident. That theme shows itself in life pretty often. I wonder why that is.

Anyway, I think a girl will probably win this season, altho I really have no idea who.
I'm not sure I care...

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