Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Just a Guilty Pleasure

I just read something about the benifits of napping during the middle of the work day. Which then reminded me of a story about the same thing I saw on CNBC this weekend.

The article in the paper today was mainy focused on the heart healthy benifits of napping. The story on CNBC focused more on improved productivity. Either way, I'm all for naps! I could probably take a nap at any time, but I am not a fan of the power nap. (And there goes the productivity) I like my naps as long as possible, somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.

The lady on CNBC tried napping (I guess she had never heard of it before?) and said she couldn't fall asleep, she just laid there. But according to this new story, just laying there rejuvenates you too. But she didn't seem to enjoy nap time. She said it would take some practice. Some practice???? Are you kidding me? I am just a natural, I guess. I've always been very talented in the napping department. No one had to teach me how, give me guidelines, and I've never needed practice to improve.

I love reading and hearing stories about the benifits of the nap. I feel like the universe is granting me permission on what I've thought up until recently was a guilty pleasure. And it's like with all things you start to notice, now that I heard one story about napping, I will likely see and hear more and more similar stories.

Take a nap today!!!