Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beads as Momentos

Whenever I am traveling, I'm also on the hunt for any surrounding bead stores. If there are any, I will find them.  Sometimes, I look on Yelp, and get so excited to check out a place, but once I get there I find that it's gone out of business. And it's a huge disappointment. 

That's what happened on our last two vacations. There were no bead shops to be found. (sigh)

Possibly because of that, it took me an entire day here in Boulder before I even thought about looking for a bead shop.  I didn't know if I could handle that kind of disappointment again.

But once I was in my right mind, I Yelp-ed "bead shop"... and the first one listed had already gone out of business.  However, the next one listed, that actually had gotten better reviews anyway, was very close to the house we are staying in... I'm talking I-CAN-WALK-THERE close.  It would seem this would have been mentioned on the VRBO listing as a huge selling point for renting this house, but it wasn't.  Odd.

Yesterday, while Fermin was taking care of some work stuff (work shmork, I say), I knew a great way to kill the next hour. 
NOMAD bead shop in Boulder
Nomad. Where it says on the door, "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful".

They had a great selection of beads.  I was even able to find some vintage ones! HELL YES. And they carried a color of wire that I have been needing but unable to find in Dallas, or even online, for the longest time.
vintage beads and more!
Soon to come, I'll make a few things with some of these beads, along with some of my vintage findings back at home.  Some of those new pieces might show up in my Resparkable Vintage online shop, and one will most definitely show up around my own neck! And maybe I'll click the heals of my hiking shoes together 3 times and wish I was back in Boulder...

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