Friday, November 18, 2016

My #1 Fan

Because was traveling, and then I've been sick most of this week, I haven't been doing much music around here lately.  But since I have a little gig tomorrow night, I thought I might want to run through some stuff.  So tonight, I got out my guitar and started singing in my office/studio which is also Lucy's bedroom where we keep her crate. 

Recently, Lucy has developed a fear of her crate. One day, the pillow in her crate flipped over her bowl of food while she was eating, and it startled her.  Ever since that day, she will only go in there (the room and the crate) for food, and even for that, she just sticks her head in, gobbles up the food and then gets the hell out as fast as she can.
Lucy prefers sleeping on Fermin's neck far more than in her crate. ❤️
Ricky doesn't have the same fear.  He's happy to sleep and eat in his crate.  And today, he snuck in Lucy's crate while I was singing.  I heard a little sigh from the corner of the room.  I looked over and saw that he had snuck in for a free concert.  My sweet boy.  And my #1 fan.
my captive audience for the night


Kelly Warren said...

Sweet pups!

Valerie said...

Aww...poor Lucy--I'm sorry she was startled. They're both so sweet!

Kerri said...

yes! they are both just SO sweet. the best kids I never had. :)