Monday, November 7, 2016

From Boulder To Manitou Springs

The last week we spent in Boulder was glorious!  I loved everything about that area and would love to live there.  You know how sometimes, the moment you arrive at a place it just feels right?  That was how I felt about Boulder. 
Doesn't Ricky look like he belongs in Boulder?

We arrived in Manitou Springs late yesterday afternoon.  Due to the time change that just happened, it gets dark early, so we haven't really had a chance to check out the scene yet.  From what I can tell, it's beautiful.  But it's not Boulder.

I took a couple of walks this morning just to get my bearings straight and here are a few notable things I saw...
A house. Not a dispensary.
This house.  They must have a lot of foot traffic---people looking to buy marijuana.  It certainly looks like a dispensary with those green plus signs.  If they don't want customers knocking on their door, they might consider re-painting the house.  It's just confusing.

I was walking with Lucy when I saw this place.  I often call her "Lu" for short.  So although I haven't gone in this place yet, I'm going to later.  Lu Style.  How can that not be a good thing?

We'll be back.
Although I think this is a shop that sells a variety of nuts, it could be someone's home.  In fact, it could be MY home!  I am nuts about nuts. Totally nuts, as a matter of fact! Anyway, I was walking early and it wasn't opened yet, but I'm hoping it will be later this afternoon.
Totally Nuts & Company
We're always happy when we see one of these Little Free Library stands! This was sitting outside of the local elementary school.
Ricky is an avid reader so he insisted I snap his picture at this Free Little Library
I also saw a lot of homeless people.  One had a very mellow Pit Bull with him, and although I'm sure he was sweet, unleashed dogs make me a little nervous.  Ricky got the stare down, but nothing more than that.  The man held his dog by the neck as we passed by, thank you very much.  I did not get a picture, obviously, as we were trying to just get the hell away, and quickly!

I saw a pet adoption place that looked pretty cool based on signage alone.  I always think about all those strays out there that need loving homes. And it's especially sad when you consider pets that have lost their humans and need to find a person to care for them.
Safe Place for Pets

And of course I found the local bead shop.  I always do.  I've mentioned that before, right?  This one looks promising and I'm heading down there soon, now that it's a little later in the day and I'm sure it will opened.  And I won't have a dog (or a husband) with me, so there will be no rushing me out of there.  HELL YES.
FOR SURE I'll be back!
Lastly, I saw this little sign in a shop window. I love that when you're in a small town, people just close up shop when they need to.  I think hip surgery warrants a few days off, don't you?
Get Well Soon
So there's just a glimpse of what I've seen here in Manitou Springs so far.  Very different from Boulder for sure.  But similarly, a lot of sunshine, and beautiful views!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely trip so far! Have a great time Aristas!

Kerri said...

Aww, thank you, Sandy! :)