Monday, October 31, 2016

Bolder in Boulder

Neither of my dogs have had much experience with stairs.  Besides going up and down a couple of steps here and there, they've never needed to use stairs.

I have a neighbor that Lucy and Ricky stayed with once when we went out of town.  She has a studio upstairs so she spends a lot of time there.  She told me that although Ricky was able to climb the stairs, Lucy just stayed at the bottom and cried.  She eventually coerced Lucy up the stairs by using cheese, but when it was time to go down the stairs, cheese or no cheese, Lucy refused.  She had to be carried.  So Lucy never went up those stairs, or any others, again.

But now, here we are in Boulder. Staying in a two story house.  With a long stairway to the second floor.
the stairs!!!
And already, Lucy has conquered the stairs.  She's very careful on the descend (which honestly, is smart- Ricky runs down fast and then his feet slide out from under him as he gets to the hardwood floors at the bottom!), but she is gaining more and more confidence every time.  No cheese needed.
I think knowing that the bedroom where we would sleep was upstairs was all the enticement she needed.

Or maybe her confidence came in knowing that hey!, we're in Boulder.  And as the name suggests, it was time to get bolder.

I get it, Lucy!

Just like Lucy and her relationship with stairs, I've never had experience living anywhere other than Dallas.  But I don't want to spend my entire life living there.  I've always imagined myself living in the mountains.  And as we've continued to take road trips up to Colorado, it's become more and more clear that this is the place I had in mind all along.

And so, we're really looking to make a move.  A real move.  Up a long flight of stairs, so to speak.  I'll be as bold and as brave as I need to be to make it all happen.
my brave girl

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