Monday, October 3, 2016

My Brother

My brother.  Fleetwood.  He definitely adds to the happiness in my life.

He's seriously the perfect brother for me.  When we were younger, even though I was the little sister by several years (yep, I'm WAY younger! ;)) he not only let me hang around him and his friends, he actually (sometimes) wanted me to!

We had plenty of rooms in our childhood house for everyone to have their own room, but for a lot of fun years, he and I shared one, just because it was a blast!  I think we feel asleep laughing  most nights for those few years we shared the room.  He still makes me laugh like no one else.  And besides my Mom, and maybe Fermin, I'd say my brother loves me above and beyond... That very rare, unconditionally love.  We can get mad at each other, and get on each other's nerves-- of course!- but I would never, ever question how much he loves me, and vice versa.
Us.  Me, squeezing his face and him, letting me and laughing!
My brother is kind of a big deal.  He'll be annoyed at me for saying this, but it's true.  He was on Shark Tank, and has a really cool custom cruiser bike company called Villy Custom.  Because of all that, he does some public speaking at entrepreneurial events.  He always invites me to tag along because, hey! I'm the little sis, and I think he knows, I'm also his #1 fan.
I have always loved being next to him!
 I LOVE going to anything he's a part of.  I love hearing him speak.  And I love seeing how the audience reacts to him.  Whenever I show up, I'm usually greeted by someone who says, "Oh!  So you're the sister!  Well, hello, Kerr-Bare!"  It's always such a warm welcome, and I know it's because of the way he's mentioned me to them.  And it makes me feel so special.

I got to hear him speak to a small group of young entrepreneurs at SMU this past week. Of course, it was great.  It always is.  And I think every time I've heard him, there is a point when he's speaking that he gets flooded with emotion.  Sometimes, it's when he mentions his dog, Villy.  Sometimes it's when he says something about our Mom.  Sometimes, it's when he talks about some big, meaningful moment on his career trajectory.  He hates it when he gets like that~ sort of choked up, unable to speak for a moment.  But I LOVE it.  Because it's those moments when people get to see who he really is.  People connect with emotion and heart- And he's got that. 

Anyway, I could brag about my brother ad nauseum, but I'm just going to leave it here. He's pretty great.
Fleetwood and his sweet dog, Villy.


Valerie said...

What a great post! I'm so glad to have met him. Even though it was only for a short time, it was great!

Unknown said...

Very very sweet Care Bear. Thanks for always being there for me and being so supportive. Lots of great times with you and many more to go! Love you!

Katherine said...

Kerri, I don't know how I discovered your blog, but have been reading countless posts. You are a wonderful blogger, songwriter and singer. I was just talking about you and how I never tired of carrying around my adorable cousin during annual summer visits. I will continue to enjoy reading future entries. Katherine

Kerri said...

ah! thanks sweet Katherine! I'm so glad to know you're reading my blog! you made my day! :)