Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Heart Which Wich

I'm a super picky eater.  It's a pretty serious condition.  It's known as SED (selective eating disorder), or sometimes, you might hear it referred to as APE (adult picky eating). I am not making this up!  I have lived with this condition all of my life.  I didn't actually know it was a condition, until I read about it in a memoir I was reading.  I may not have an extreme case of it, but oh yes... I have it.

Having said that, although I am picky, when I find something I like I really like it.  And when I find a place that caters to my picky needs... I'm a fan for life.

I like a good, relatively plain sandwich.  I have tried all the regular sandwich shops and some of them are okay.  But once I discovered Which Wich, about a year ago, I realized I never needed to go anywhere else again for a quick sandwich.  There's is the best.  The most customized.  They slice the bread extra thin for me.  AND.  Unlike any sandwich shop I've ever been to... They will crumble up a few of their house chips to go in my sandwich. That's all I need.  Not a whole bag of chips.  Just a few, crumbled up.  IN MY SANDWICH.  I am telling you, it's magic.

I go so often that I'm always greeted by name.  I love that.  It's like the fictitious bar, Cheers- "Where everybody knows your name..." but this is real life.
Celebrating my 150th visit to Which Wich.
Today was a big day.  It was my 150th time to eat at Which Wich since I fell in love.  Just to be nice, they gave me a free drink, and Fermin got a free avocado added to his sandwich.  I mean c'mon!!! That's a happy, happy day in my book!
150 visits so far to Which Wich... and many more to come!

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