Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Monday- Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band

I'm feeling nostalgic these last few days... (and there's more to come on that, stay tuned for tomorrow's post!) so for today's Music Monday, I've chosen "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band.

This particular video is so funny to me, because John Denver introduces them on the Merv Griffin Show back in 1976.  I'm sure Mom and I were watching.  We watched Merv on a daily basis.  And by "we", I mean Mom-  I was just her side kick, and watched because she did!

The first concert my parents ever took me to was in 1976-- John Denver with Starland Vocal Band as the opening band!  Mom fell in love with their harmonies and bought their album.  (Oh no!!)  So I heard that song a lot in my early childhood. 

Happy Monday-- I hope you enjoy a little "Afternoon Delight" today!

 And in case you'd like to continue in the "Afternoon Delight" just a little longer...

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Valerie said...

Love it! Now the song will be in my head all night. :o)

Here's an interesting tidbit for you: Supposedly, John Denver's song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" was written about a road that goes through my town. He drove on the road while visiting Bill and Taffy in DC. From Wikipedia: "According to a radio interview with Taffy Nivert, the road is close to her native Washington, D.C., and nearby Montgomery County, Maryland, where Denver often visited. Clopper Road still exists today, but the landscape has changed drastically from the bucolic scenery that once surrounded it." It is a pretty road once you get to the parts that are still "country." :o)