Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1970s Embroidered Shirts!

Over the weekend, me and my friend, Theresa went thrift store shopping, or I should say browsing.  Not much shopping, but lots of looking. And laughing.

We saw boxes of old dress patterns from the 1970s-  Mom made lots of homemade dresses for me back in the 70s, so it was fun to look at those.  As we were looking at them, we started reminiscing about the embroidery patterns that were popular in the 70s.  Unfortunately, we didn't run across any that day...

But, fortunately, seeing them gave me the idea to look on Etsy to see if I could find some. (Because what cool vintage stuff can't you find on Etsy!?) And voila!  I found several that I thought were cute, and bought them. Then I got out shirts Mom had made back in the day...  I've saved the ones I found in her closet- which were mine, hers, and a jacket she made for my brother.
my 1970s embroidered shirt- front
and back
Mom's embroidered shirt- front (as you can see, Ricky loves this one!)
and back
my brother's American Bald Eagle jean jacket
Soon, I will have my embroidery transfer patterns!  Lots of the same exact same graphics Mom used.  I can't wait to get an embroidery hoop and some thread and get busy.  CAN NOT WAIT. 

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