Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Monday- "Good Life" by OneRepublic on GMA's 3 Words

I've been on a OneRepublic kick since seeing them in concert a couple of weeks ago here in Dallas... sweating out butts off together in perfect rhythm at a horrible outdoor venue.  (But worth it!)

A couple of years ago, I can remember Good Morning America helping us get the day started around here.  Rarely do I even watch live morning TV, but thank God I caught this.  I sat down on my bed to watch, mesmorized by how funny and sweet the human race is...  And that all in all, it really is a good, good life

So today, for Music Monday, here is the inspiring video, starring good people from all over the world, holding up their "3 Words" with the soundtrack being one of my favorite songs~ "Good Life" by OneRepublic.  Enjoy.  Even tho it's Monday, remember, this really is a good, good life! 

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Valerie said...

that was awesome! i loved "watch out world" with the little baby. :o)