Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Punny Man at the Library (A.K.A. Witzelshucht)

No, today's blog post title is not me misspelling the word puny, in reference to a small and weak man at my library. Instead, it's punny, as in "no pun intended".... rhyming with the word "funny".

I go to my local library at least once a week.  So, I chat with the people that work there on a pretty regular basis.  One man is always quick with a smile and a pun.  Always a pun.  Sometimes clever and funny, often nonsensical.  But I like him.  He's friendly~ Like I said, quick with a smile.

Today, he made about 3 puns in a row about the shirt I had on.  Something about a "pocket full of posies" (the floral print of the fabric), another one about stripes, and I can't even remember the other, because to me, it didn't even make sense.

And then, I said, "Well, you're really quick with the...."- and I couldn't think of the word, pun.  But rather than fill in my blank, he just rattled off about 4 more puns, related to the title of the book I was checking out.  Then he said "Pun", and then kept on going with the weird puns.

His face got a little red, as if he was embarrassed.  And just couldn't stop himself.  All of the sudden, I thought to myself, "okay, this is some kind of neurological disorder."

So, as usual, I just laughed at his silly puns, said goodbye, and was on my way.  To my car.  To get out my iPhone and google "disorder when someone can't stop saying puns", and I found a title and description of what I'm pretty sure he has.

"...Witzelsucht is a mental disorder that causes the sufferer to compulsively make inappropriate jokes or puns — all the time..."  Here's a link to read a little more about this interesting disorder that may sound like a cute one, but probably gets pretty annoying pretty fast.

And as I thought back to the many, many conversations I've had with this punny library man over the years, I realized all of them involved me saying some kind of a greeting, and him saying a few little puns.  Every. Single. Conversation. 

Witzelsucht.  Who knew?

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