Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Monday- "Won't Stop" by One Republic

I ran across this older One Republic CD (Dreaming Out Loud),  on my Ipod on a run last week, and have been listening to it every day since.

The whole thing is awesome, and it makes me wonder how it never really got into my head as much the first time around... But let me tell you, my listening habit over the last week has made up for my lack of attention before.  I am all over it this time.

And this song, "Won't Stop" in particular.  In fact, I've been sitting here looping it over and over and over, and learning to play it on my guitar.  What a sweet song, first of all.  But secondly, and more importantly, THAT VOICE! Ryan Tedder's voice is my favorite male voice of the moment.  It's sorta similar to Adam Levine, but less nasal-y and a little rougher around the edges in the best way. 

I do think the studio version is better, but here's a live version I found that someone had posted on YouTube.  Enjoy.  Surely this will make your Monday, or any day for that better, a little easier!

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