Sunday, August 24, 2014

Estate Sales in DallasThis Weekend

My friend Allyson and I have agreed on a theory we have, that usually proves to be true.  If the first estate sale of the day is a good one, it's more than likely going to be a good estate sale day in general.  The reverse is true as well: If the first few estate sales sucks, you might consider going home before wasting the day away! 

It's weird, and doesn't make sense that there would be any truth to this unproven theory of ours, but on MOST days, in my experience, it's true.

I skipped going to any estate sales altogether on Thursday.  But on Friday, I found two close to home that I wanted to go to.  One in particular, because it mentioned vintage jewelry, always, ALWAYS, a key word for me.  I also had a few other sales that I thought I might go to, but would just see how it went.

The first one was awesome!  I did score some great vintage jewelry, for great prices!  The marked prices weren't so great, but because I went several hours after it began, and they barely had any business at the time, the sellers really wanted a buyer to help kill their boredom.  I use to go to sales right when they opened, but realized the people there were mainly resellers, and they were a little aggressive and combative about getting to the good stuff.  It just made me feel stressed (and aggressive and combative!), and I decided I needed to set a little boundary for myself.  These days, I go a couple of hours (or more) after the beginning of the sale.  Sure, I miss a lot of good items, I'm sure, but what I don't know doesn't hurt me.  I pretend there was nothing I would've wanted that walked out the door anyway.  And on some lucky days, I find I get a better price than I would have, had their been a crowd around.  Here's what I found at the first sale I went to:
estate sale #1 vintage jewelry- pins, earrings and a watch
Pretty awesome, I thought!  And if Allyson's and my theory holds true, it was going to be a great day!

The next sale I went to was also very close to my house, and was also worth going to.  I found a few little vintage trinkets there as well- And I didn't even feel like asking for a discount, and doubt they would've given me one, because the prices were already so fair!
estate sale #2- even more mintage trinkets- earrings, pin, necklaces
I think the flower pin is just exquisite- It's in great shape, with such beautiful detail.  Here's a closer look look!
vintage mixed petal flower pin
Because these first two sales were so rewarding, I decided to head over to the area were the other few were, thinking it was going to just be a great day at all estate sales. But I should have quit while I was ahead.  They were awful, and one even smelled so bad I headed out after about 1 minute. But you never know.  And that's the magic and the mystery of estate sales and hunting for treasures.

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