Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ricky Ricardo's New Gig

Ricky just returned home after his first gig as a male escort!  How awesome.

A lady down the street from me had had her fence removed earlier in the day- and her husband was out of town.  She mentioned that she knew she'd be a little nervous over night without a man in the house, so I volunteered Ricky for the job.

I knew he'd love to sleep in her bed and snuggle, and if any bad guys even considered trying to sneak around in her fence-less backyard, he'd have something to say about it.
Ricky on the job... in another woman's bed. 
I was told he did a great job.  I'm so proud of him.

The funny thing was, Lucy seemed completely unfazed this morning (and for that matter, last night!) when Ricky was still at his lady friend's house.  I figured she'd be looking for her constant companion wondering why he wasn't there.  But nope!  She seemed very happy to be the only 4 legged friend around!

 It's possible Ricky might get another job tonight... We'll see how far along her fence gets today.  Ricky's a lady's man- He'll be up for the task if called I am sure. My little gigolo...

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