Monday, January 7, 2013

Repurposing My Studio Space

"let your light shine"
I've had a recording studio in my house for several years.  I had a guest bedroom that set empty the first several years we lived in this house, and so eventually, I turned it into a good spot to record my last two CDs.

Every now and then, I'll record something just to mess around with the newer software I'm still getting to know, but for the most part, I haven't used it much in the past year or so. 

All the while my passion for jewelry making keeps growing and much that it's spilled out into a few rooms in our house.  I've used several of our kitchen cabinets for storage, and when I'm making stuff (which is quite often) I have jewels, beads, and chains strewn out all over the kitchen (table and counter tops) and dining room and sometimes the den, too.

Poor Fermin.
He has to look at my creative mess on a daily basis.
But he actually hasn't complained.

Maybe he's smart enough to know, if he just waits me out, I'll start to drive myself crazy with my scatterings and I'll come to my senses.

Well, it's a new year and what a better time to make a few changes around here?!

Pictured below, is what I've always used as my writing table.  Over time, I started just piling loads of journals and music books all over the place.  But now, I've cleared it off so it can be the one stop shop where I can repurpose vintage jewelry.
containers full of vintage jewelry ready for repurposing
The bulletin boards now serves as a place to hang chain.
new chain...

and two smaller bulletin boards full of vintage chain...
and more vintage chain!

I told my friend I was doing this, and she gave me the cutest little push pins from Anthropologie!
Yes, that little flower is a push pin!

The closet in that room use to have 6 guitar cases in it.  But I've now scattered them around the house a little better to make room for other stuff...
Now I have room to grow!
I've still got most of my recording set up out where it's pretty accessible whenever I want to use it.  But now,  I've just broadened my horizons and made more room more for creative space.

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