Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh My Love, My Darling...

For one of Fermin's Christmas presents, I signed us up for a pottery class at the Creative Arts Center here in Dallas.  (See, I'm smart like that.  My gift giving is often ultimately a gift for me too!)

This week, was had our first night on the wheel.
Fermin, doing his best Demi Moore, a.k.a. Molly.
Holy Guacamole!  That thing is not as peaceful and meditative as it looks!  It's hard.  Very hard to be that still and strong and patient with a lump of clay. 
I can't tell if Fermin looks happy or scared...
There are people of various levels taking the class.  For us beginners, we're just getting our hands wet with different ways of forming clay- and the wheel is only one of them.  The other night, one girl in the class that's been spinning her wheel for about 5 years (no pun intended, well...ok, it was intended), lost a bowl she had so beautifully made last week because it suffered a fatal crack in the drying process.  Then, the one she was working on that night was demolished by someone- We don't know who- She had left it sitting outside, unattended, to dry.  When she went to check on it, after we had heard voices outside, it had also suffered a fatal blow.  She just sort of said, "Oh well...." Had that been me, I would have gone absolutely mad.

I'm not sure I have the patients for the wheel.
But maybe Fermin does!

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