Sunday, January 6, 2013

For The Man Who Has Everything

Fermin's birthday was this weekend.
Fermin, raising his fist to me.
I got him two big gifts for Christmas.  (More on that soon!) One really should have been for his birthday, but I was so excited to give them both to him, I just couldn't hold one back.  I figured I'd come up with something great by the time his birthday rolled around.

But then, Fermin had a lot of vacation time between Christmas and his birthday and we were together so much I barely had a chance to break off for thoughtful shopping.

AND, we did do much shopping together over the holiday.  Maybe one of the reasons I love Fermin is he's super fun to shop with and likes a lot of the same stores I do!  He found a lot of great deals and kept buying stuff for himself.

So I came up with nothing to give him for his birthday.


I ran across an estate sale looking mainly for vintage jewelry and found these really cool cuff links:
VINTAGE cuff link!
silver and mother of pearl cuff link- up close
We were going out to dinner with friends last night, and I had wrapped up the cuff links to give him.  He came out wearing this purple-y/pink shirt that needed cuff links!  Can you believe how meant to be that was?!?!

And guess how much the cuff links were.

C'mon, guess.

Are you sitting down?

Makes me holla!!  ;)
Happy Birthday, sweet Fermin, from your big spender! 

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Unknown said...

The pics turned out FAB!!!