Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love Blessing Ring

How could you leave us?
Months ago, Fermin and I went to Hawaii.  It was my first trip away from Lucy and Ricky, and I'm really not sure I could've left  if I hadn't have had the best caregiver lined up for them...My sister, Julie!

She came all the way from New Mexico just to stay at my house with them while we were in Kauai.  She, of course, took great care of them.  They got loads of attention, long walks, and most importantly, LOVE!

While on my vacation, I ran across some little "blessing rings" one day...  I picked one out for my sister.  I chose the one that said "love", because she's not only full of love, she's also at the point of opening her heart to new love- So I thought it was perfect for her.

After we first returned from our trip, I made her a necklace using the blessing ring.  For one reason or another, I never got around to sending it to her.  I'm so glad now that I waited!

My sister used to barely even wear jewelry, let alone anything very blingy.  So I tried to make her necklace as neutral as possible.  Here was what the necklace first looked like...

My first attempt at my sister's necklace...  Honestly, a little boring.  :(
During my sister's recent visit to Dallas over the Christmas holiday, she was looking at some other necklaces I had made.  She loved the ones that sparkled the most-  Her days of neutral colors seem to have faded away!

After she went back home,  I ran across this necklace and  I realized it was really not her.  And I wasn't really liking how it had turned out anyway.

So, I recently re-worked it for her...  And now it represents love like I wanted it to! It's got a heart, it's got a little color, and of course a little vintage bling has been thrown into the mix.
The new and improved necklace for my sister!
 See?... the little vintage ball hangs above the red heart

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