Monday, January 2, 2012


I wrote down some ideas for my New Year's resolutions.  (Notice I said ideas.  I have a hard time making a real commitment to New Year's resolutions since they often just seem like an invitation to failure and disappointment.) 

One thing I wrote on that list of ideas was, "be braver with my blogging".  Another was, "learn LOGIC (software for recording, editing and mixing music)- at least 3 hours a week".

So here is my first attempt at merging those two ideas together.

I posted up a song I wrote a couple of days ago.  You'll notice it's very rough.  And you might even notice that in the video, I'm not wearing any makeup and I'm still in my pajamas (altho, with a hoodie thrown on top!)  So there's my attempt at being brave---Exposing myself before making my song and myself more presentable! ;)

Now that the raw version of that song is out there, my next step will be to edit and record it using Logic over the next few weeks.  Then, I'll repost a more presentable version of the song by the very end of January. At least that's the idea!

I think that I'm done, that I'm all cashed out
I've got nothing left that I can say
I've pulled it all out, and I've run the course
I think now I'll just walk away

Where I'm going, well I don't know
But when I get there, then maybe I'll know

I don't have a plan or a ticket out
I don't know the place I wanna be
I don't know the color of my parachute
so I'll jump and just hope that we'll see

Where I'm going, well I don't know 
But when I get there, then maybe I'll know

Oh the best laid plans often go awry
All the ones I had well, they just passed me by

So where I'm going I don't know
but when I get there that's when I'll know

Let the push of the wind lead me down the path
Keep my boat so it's pointing downstream
Give me patience and hope and an open mind
To see life is but a dream


Rob said...

well I think perhaps I should take my guitar and throw it in the fireplace. I wish my finished and done songs were half as good as your rough ones.

Happy New Year to you Kerri! Hope 2012 brings mucho big happiness to you and yours.

p.s. pretty darned gorgeous with the pj's, no make up, just-outta-bed look.

sailorgirl said...

it's fantastic! if we wait until things are finished nothing would ever get done. that's a heck of a start on your goal of being brave, and on jan 2 too! applause.

Kelly Warren said...

Wow! I think this is my favorite I've heard from you yet! Yay you!

Valerie said...

Love it! Great song. And, Rob beat me to it, but I was also going to mention how gorgeous you look! Good luck with LOGIC! I'm curious to hear the more "polished" version since this one was already so good.

Have fun!

Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

bRAVE braVE BRAVE! My turn to put it out there this big and beautiful!