Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Greatest Losses and Gains

This time last year, I wouldn't have believed that in February, I would lose my two beloved Siberian Huskies, Zoe and Scout. 
my sweet girls
Although they were 15, and perhaps I should've been prepared for it, because they had just been such a great part of our lives for so many years, I never imagined they'd ever have to leave us.

But they did.  And both on the same day. 

What a terrible day that was-- February 21, 2011.  What a huge, huge loss for Fermin and me.  We came home to a quiet house, and it nearly drove me crazy.

What I didn't know on that terrible day, was that just a couple of weeks before that, February 8 and February 12, two little angels had made their way into the world...
...and they were just waiting for me to find them.

And the best thing about the year was that I did find them! 
So Cheers, on the New Year's Eve, to the unexpected, and to the eventual joy...


Melissa Sarno said...

So happy you found your way to them this year. Happy new year Kerri! xo

laurie said...

it is interesting how much difference a year can make. i am so sorry for your loss but your new little angels look absolutely delightful. thanks for stopping by my blog. happy new year!

patty said...

Oh boy, you and I shared that sorrow this year. We are in the "between" (so quiet like you said!) stage. We are going to hold off to do some traveling, but eventually I do look forward to that new joy. So happy for you!!

Lisa said...

Oh Kerri, My heart absolutely broke for you when you posted about Zoe and Scout. I've known that pain and ugh, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I was so thrilled for you when you found Ricky and Lucy. While I know new babies can never replace the ones we've lost, somehow our hearts are big enough for new love. :)

Elizabeth Halt said...

I remember when you posted about your loss. Such sadness. I expect I am going to have to face it eventually, though I like to pretend otherwise.

Cheers to unexpected and eventual joy indeed!

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