Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything!

This is the signage for a new store going up in one of my favorite areas of town.  

It's a little funny.  A little offensive.  And just a little fabulous. 


Marie a la Mode said...

Ha ha yup, all three rolled into one! But mostly it's just fabulous.

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

I agree with your assessment... definitely a bit of all three. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Gotta laugh at life or you'll go cuckoo =-)

Thanks for your give-a-way comment, Kerri! I'll post the winner today...maybe it will be YOU!!!!


Suzi said...

Totally made me laugh, love it!!!

soraya nulliah said...

Kerri-I haven't been over here to visit in sooooooo long!!! Oh!! I just love that sign...not offensive at all...jsut cute:)

Rob said...

[Rob takes a quick look at the sign and thinks to himself] "Hm. That's weird, I thought Kerri was more of a dog pers... Ohhhhhh."