Thursday, January 12, 2012

Connecting Through Facebook Vs. Email

Months ago, I stopped sending out emails to people who had, over the years, signed up to be on my email list.  I always sort of felt like I was intruding on them to send them stuff each month, asking them to come out and hear me at whatever venue I was currently performing at.

So, I started just to post stuff up on Facebook instead.  Sometimes I went so far as to "create an event".  Most of the time, I just posted on my status something like, "Playing at Joe Blow's Bar tonight".  Not very personal, or inviting of me.  But at least I didn't feel intrusive.

But I've started to realize that when someone sends me an invitation to an event through Facebook, I very often don't see it.  And even if I do see it, I don't give it much attention.  There are just so many invitations to things thru Facebook from people I don't even really know.

The other day, I read a little article sent to me by CDBaby, one of the online store that sells my CDs.  The article listed 6 reasons why using email is more effective, and nicer, than Facebook.

I agreed with every point made on that list.  As impersonal as email can sometimes seem, it's more personal than Facebook. If someone has given me their email address, the article stated, that means they have given me the "keys to their inbox".  It's true, in a way.  The people on my email list actually signed up to be on it!  They actually wanted to know more about where I'd be playing next! 

So, hey!  It's a New Year and it's a great time to rethink the way I'm doing, and not doing, things.  And to make little changes to try to improve everything! 
Today, I sent out my first email in months to the sweet people that gave me the keys to their inbox!


Suzi said...

That is so funny because I have been removing my name off of emails because I can find out stuff on facebook by liking their fan page. My inbox is just getting over loading with business and spam emails, it drives me crazy.
I am trying to get better at facebook because that is what everyone seems to be doing now.

Love the photo, it's going on my pinterest board.

Kelly Warren said...

I love that "key to their inbox" line of thought. I have an email list and don't use it often enough. I need to get better about that!

Lisa said...

People do sign up because they do want to hear from you. Like the commenter above said - if they don't want the emails, they can always "unsubscribe". I agree that FB is just too much - especially since they changed the format. I find that I miss out on too much stuff there because messages seem to get buried.

Kerri said...

interesting comments, ya'll. i guess everyone is different. which means we should try to connect in as many ways as we can so we hit everybody in their sweet spot. personally for me, it is the blog world i enjoy the very most! that's for sure!