Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Champs

Normally, this is the kind of thing I write about on my PuppyTracks blog, my other blog that's dedicated to all things Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.  (My Lucy and Ricky, the Australian Shepherds that is!)  But today is such a special day and I just had to write about me and Lucy's morning on my blog, because it was so meaningful to me! 

I took Lucy to her first Dallas Dog and Disc Club meeting today.

Lucy loves to play with her little floppy frisbee in our backyard.  She's just sort of naturally taken to it.  She jumps up to catch just about every pathetic throw I toss out to her. 

future therapy dog, Ricky
Now that the Ricardo's are nearly a year old,  their individual talents seem more and more evident.  Lucy, like I said, just seems to be a natural with the frisbee.  Ricky, is so calm and obedient. It seems he might have more interest in being a therapy dog.  So I searched around online last week to find out where I could take Lucy for frisbee dog stuff, and where Ricky could work on his skills at becoming a therapy dog.

We got so lucky!  It just happened to be that Dallas Dog and Disc Club was having a meet up at a park nearby this weekend.  And next weekend, Ricky begins his first day of Therapy Dog Prep class.  I'm pretty sure the universe is saying "Yes!" to us.

So today, Lucy and I headed out to the meeting, having no idea what to expect.
On the car ride there, we were both a little nervous.  But I told Lucy to just be herself, and have fun, and everyone would just love her!

We were greeted by the nicest people!  I recognized some of their names from the website I had visited.  Lucy and I watched as the other dogs took their turns at catching the frisbee.
Lucy, patiently waiting her turn.
 Some of the dogs did cool tricks that I'm sure Lucy will learn how to do eventually!

It was all so exciting, Lucy finally just couldn't take it anymore!
"Please give me my turn!"
Lucy finally got her chance to show off her puppy skills at catching her little floppy frisbee.  I was way to busy to photograph though.  :(  And I was a little nervous about her being in an unfenced open field.  But Lucy was a champ! 

In just a short amount of time, I learned a bunch of great stuff I need to know to help Lucy grow into a super champ.  These people I met are a wealth of information and are so passionate about disc dogs---and they just want to spread the word to eager learners like Lucy and me!

I'm definitely going to sign up and pay my dues and be a member of this club!  I can't wait for next month's meeting.  Lucy and I have some new things to work on between now and then.

Someday soon, Lucy, you'll be flying!


Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

What a great way to spend time with your beautiful girl! How fun that their personalities are so different - they sound so great and have gotten so big! They're gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Oh how fun! The look on her face is sooo cute! It's almost like it's painful for her not to be playing too.
Yay for Ricky being a therapy dog! The benefits for the patients are unbelieveable. I've personally witnessed a man in the hospital, so depressed that he couldn't heal, after a visit from a dachshund (like the one he had at home) he healed up enough to be able to actually go home. It was amazing!

Valerie said...

I came across a frisbee dog competition on TV recently. I can already see Lucy being a star in this competition and then a TV star! Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to hear about Ricky and his therapy dog trainig.