Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Old is New Again

There is certainly a process of learning my new songs. Not just learning them, but making sure they're the right tempo, and that I have all the lyrics just how I want them. They're my babies. It's my job to nurture them as best I can.

Once the songs are on a cd, they're pretty well set. But just because they're set, doesn't mean I'll remember them...

The other day when I was riding with my husband in his car, he had one of my older cds playing. A few of those songs I still play when I'm out performing, but some have fallen along the wayside and have been forgotten. Occasionally, someone will request one of those songs but because it's been out of the rotation for so long, I no longer know it off the top of my head.

But after hearing these songs the other day, I decided I'd like to start playing them again. So I spent some time yesterday figuring out how I had tuned my guitar for each song, my chord progressions, and re-familiarizing myself with the lyrics. It fell into place quicker than I thought it would, but it certainly wasn't automatic. You'd think all the time I had spent with those songs, they would be etched deeper into my memory.

I've played my new songs- the ones that will be showing up on my upcoming cd- out just enough to be sure that they seem ready to go out into the world. But my intention is to have them mostly be a surprise, even to my most regular listeners. So those are going on the backburner until the cd is out. For a while, I'll be bringing those old songs back into the rotation.

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