Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here to There

This song is an older one- from my Wide Open Book cd.
Video-ed with my brand new FLIP video camera that my brother gave me for Christmas!
I thought the message of this song was a good one to wish everyone a great start to a new year...

I am jumping for joy
as I breathe out a sigh of relief
I've kept my fingers crossed
and I've been so excited that I can't sleep

Free fall 'til I get there
I don't care if I'm scared
I'll jump on the next bus
It's gonna take me from here to there

All the way
Take me from here to there
All the way
I want it so much I don't care if I'm scared

It can throw me off balance
With everything else getting so out of focus
It's all in the backseat
Behind me

I'm whistling all day long
Can't you hear? It's my favorite song
I can't help but smile
I have wanted to for so long


So I am jumping for joy
And I am taking a leap of faith
I know that wherever I land
This is the path I was meant to take


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