Friday, January 15, 2010

CD Titles

Initially, I had it in my mind that this upcoming CD of mine was going to be called "Naked".

As I got my songs lined up for it, I also threw in the possibility of naming the CD "Lost and Found". That phrase showed up in a couple of songs, and really, digging through all the songs and figuring out which ones belonged and which ones didn't sorta felt like digging through the Lost and Found.

But then today I wrote a song with a title that I also think would be good for this CD.

Just out of curiosity, I put all 3 CD titles in both a Google search, and the iTunes store search. There were lots of "Lost and Found"s- here are some of them:

... and even more "Naked"s- here are some of those, too:

but surprisingly, my new title idea hasn't been used, from what I could find. No songs or CDs popped up with this name, although that seems pretty unbelievable because the phrase seems simple and basic.

I'm keeping it under wraps for now. I keep changing my mind anyway.

Titles usually come last for me when I'm writing a song. That's probably the best idea for when to name my CD. Once all the songs are recorded and I'm sure they're in a cohesive grouping, then I'll firmly decide on my final answer!

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