Thursday, January 21, 2010


My girls, Zoe and Scout, are sweet, sweet, sweet. And really, there are few things in life better than loving on my doggies. If I'm ever in a bad mood, all I have to do is spend some time with them and I start to feel better. They have been free therapy for me for years and years.

As the ladies are getting a little older, they are also getting leaky. I think the technical word for this is incontinent. I guess it happens to a lot of aging folks, which is why there is such a thing as Depends.

There's a medication we've tried before, which maybe it works and maybe it doesn't. I've never been so sure because I'm not very good about consistently giving it to them. It is such a battle to get them to swallow the big pill. I can wrap it in cheese, peanut butter, or whatever, but they are very skilled and love the food part, but spit the pill out, often times, when I'm not looking. Then I'll find a pill on the floor later in the day. And I don't know which one of them it belongs to. So the only way to effectively get them to swallow it is to push it down their throats. And all 3 of us hate that.

So lately, I've just let it go. And they, in turn, have let it go as well.
They share a pillow they sleep on at night on our back patio. Yesterday morning when I went to wake them up so they could have breakfast, they got up from a soaking wet pillow. And it was so stinky. Not just the pillow but the patio. And not just the patio, but Zoe and Scout. So stinky that I couldn't even stand to pet them. And that got me in a very bad mood!

It's a relatively new pillow. We bought it just a few weeks ago. But as I took the case off to wash it (ewwwww), I noticed they have torn their pillow up! You know how dogs scratch around getting their bed just right? Well, they've done that so much, that is is now very, very wrong.

And stinky.

The case was so stinky that when I put it in the wash, my laundry room was stinky. The fumes were leaking out of the washer I guess. It was a smell so bad that it made our eyes burn!
By the time my husband got home from work, I was just about to lose my head over the whole thing. I think the fumes got to me. I just kept saying, "Something has got to be done!"

So both last night and this morning, I gave the girls their pills. And they were compliant and didn't spit them out. Baths are happening either tomorrow or Saturday. And a new, fresh pillow will be either made or bought within a day or two. Something has got to be done. And it will be.

My girls are too sweet to smell this stinky!


Valerie said...

Oohhh, my eyes, my eyes! Kerri thanks for the great laugh. (I know this wasn't funny to you at the time, but it *is* a funny story.) Your girls are SOOOO cute!!! I hope the pills work.

kerri said...

Thanks, Valerie!
Yes!!! The pills are working! I've been giving them their pills at breakfast and dinner- We're into a good, regular routine with it and no one is leaky!