Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There's a magazine I like that I refuse to buy. Until I'm 40. It's called More. I can remember once seeing a tagline on the magazine that said something like "The Magazine for Women Over 40". Once I saw that, I put it down and walked away.

I'm still in my 30s, for crying out loud! I can't be reading some "older lady" magazine!!

But I really like it. It has women on the cover that I like. They're older than me, of course, and I like them. Maybe that is why I like them, in fact. So when I'm at the library, I sometimes look at the latest issue. This month, Brooke Shields was on the cover. Now that I know she's older than me, I like her a little more.

Inside, there was a spread I thumbed thru of women pictured at their current age- somewhere in their 40s. On the opposing page there was a picture of their mother at that age. It was cool to look at them side by side.

It got me to thinking... I'd really love a picture of Mom at 39. Or 40. I'd love to see what she looked like when she was the age I am now. I had to do a little calculating to figure out what year that would have been. 1976. I was 7. I was in 2nd grade. My brother was 13, and my sister was 14. And Mom was 40! Her life was quite different than mine, obviously.

It also got me to thinking that Mom was just Mom to me. She wasn't an age. I never looked at her and thought, "Whoa. She's getting more wrinkles. She's looking older." Ever. Instead I just remember when we'd look back at old pictures, we'd just laugh at the styles and I always thought everyone was looking better as time went on.

I wish I could talk to Mom about this aging stuff. About this soon to be turning 40 stuff. She'd be 72 now. But I wouldn't see her age. She'd look better to me than ever!

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