Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mild, Not Spicy

I am a pretty picky eater. And I like my food relatively plain. I eat chips, but not the hot sauce.

I also tend to eat the same stuff over and over. Case in point: For about 7 years, every single morning I eat one piece of cinnamon toast. Occasionally I go nuts with either sweet potato pancakes, or on the even more rare occasion, donut holes.

And when I visit the one Indian food place I go to, I order one of two items. One is probably not even considered Indian food. It was originally called "The Hawaiian Combo", and it's name has since been changed to "Rice and Noodles." But since I'm ordering it from a restaurant that claims to be Indian (it may actually be Indian-Fusion?- not sure), I think I'm sort of cool and tell people I'm eating Indian food.

Today I went there, and of course, I ordered the standard- Rice and Noodles with Chicken. They give you the option of ordering it mild, medium, or spicy. Last time I ordered it, it was just a little more flavorful and even more yummy than usual. I thought maybe they mistakenly made it medium instead of mild. So today, I threw caution to the wind and ordered it a notch up from mild.

Oh. No.
It was WAY too much for me. I saw little red specks in it, which I assume was some radical pepper that made it hot. I had to drink about 3 times more diet coke than usual. So not only was I hopped up on the spicy, but also the added caffeine. And because my stomach was so full of liquid, I couldn't eat nearly as much as I usually do. Which on the one hand is great, because I have that much more for leftovers. Except, it's leftovers that I'm sort of afraid of now.

No more experiments for me on how I order my pseudo-Indian food. It's MILD for me. And chips, no hot sauce.

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