Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If You Give a Girl Some Landscaping....

We recently had our back yard landscaped. And it is BEEautiful. And as it goes with most home improvement projects, one thing leads to another. Once the landscaping started to look so great, we decided we needed good looking patio furniture to match it.

My husband has been talking about Teak wood furniture, literally, for years. Of all the patio furniture options out there, this is not my favorite. But I get it. It's sort of the equivalent to our leather chair in our den. It looks nice. It looks clean. It looks masculine. He's a guy, it it looks like very manly furniture. But it doesn't look cozy or comfortable. The wood patio furniture doesn't look like anything I would want to curl up and read a book in.

But since for the most part, I tend to get my way around here, I decided this little Teak furniture battle is not one I wanted to fight. So I told him if that's what he really wanted, to just get it.

And to appease me, he ordered a hammock.
Oh. But it is not just a hammock.

It is really the most delicious hammock I have ever laid in. (And I've laid in plenty! And I've even fallen out of a few!) It's very wide- Big enough for two for sure. And it's made out of a blanket-y material. And it has a pillow attached.

The hammock sits out under our pecan trees. And I lay there and look up at those trees. And, as those home projects go...one thing leads to the next. If I look up for too long, I start to notice that we need to have our trees pruned. There are lots of dead and broken branches up there.

But for now, I'll just lay there and hope none of those tree branches fall down and knock me out. But if they do, I'm already laying in a very comfortable spot where I am happy to stay for as long as necessary.


Kris Hundt said...

Excellent! I want to try it out sometime.

kerri said...

Yes, anytime! I highly recommend.

maikaljj said...

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