Friday, April 3, 2009


I think my favorite sound in the world is that of a dog dreaming. You know, when they make those little muffled barking sounds? I also love hearing my dogs snore.

Ok now, my least favorite sound in the world- which I have been experiencing yesterday and today is when my dog- or any dog for that matter- whimpers in pain. It's a heartbreaking sound.

Scout had surgery to "repair" her ACL ligament the other day. And of course she's going to have to go though some pain before getting through to the happy days of walking again. She's been whimpering in pain, off and on, both yesterday and today. Especially whenever I look at her. If only she could understand as I tell her that this pain is only temporary, maybe it would be easier to endure. But she doesn't know. All she knows is that right now, she feels crummy. Right now, she has a pink cast on her leg and can't really move. Right now, she'd rather just pee on her leg than mess with trying to walk over to the grass. Right now, (due to her pain pills she's taking) she's a little cross-eyed.

Cesar Milan always talks about how dogs live in the moment. And usually, that is an advantage. But this is one case when I would rather her think about what's to come, rather than what is.

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