Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breakfast Clubbers

Finally, finally, FINALLY I got to see a movie at the Inwood in the downstairs theater room with big fluffy chairs, ottomans, and even bean bags! It seems every time I see a movie there it's in one of the upstairs theaters (which have the seats you'd expect when you go to the movies). I had yet to experience the "Screening Lounge" I had heard so much about. (It was great, by the way. Almost too comfortable. Except that the A/C was cranked way too low.)

Additionally, it was not just any movie. It was The Breakfast Club. It was this weekend's "Midnight Movie"- which actually started at 12:30 by the way.

I saw that movie way back when it came out- when I was even younger than the kids starring in the movie. I am not a die hard fan of the movie like many are. But I knew it would be worth seeing a second time, 25 years later.

I wondered what age bracket would be seeing the movie with me. I thought it'd probably be people around my age, nostalgic for the good old days.

But, even tho there were people my age and (thank god!) older, there were LOTS of teenagers there too. Apparently, The Breakfast Club transcends over time. I asked a few of them how they knew of the movie and if they had seen the movie before. They all said-yes. As in "Yes. Of course. It's a classic."

It was almost like seeing a brand new movie for me. I barely remembered much of it. Altho, oddly there were certain parts I remembered very clearly, even tho I had only seen it a time or two 25 years ago. I didn't really love it back then, and I didn't really love it now. But I had fun watching it. I liked the last little part of the movie when the letter written by the nerdy kid was read, about how we are all the brain, the jock, the outcast, the princess, and the freak all rolled into one. Maybe that is the message that transcends and makes it popular still today.

Thumbs for the movie, and way up for the Inwood Theatre.


trixi said...

I loves me some Breakfast Club!!! And at the Inwood nonetheless! You are too cool. Last midnight movie I saw there was a Jackie Chan movie with subtitles, before he was famous in America!

Thanks for the fun idea!!

PS Love your website and blog!!!!!

Valerie said...

What fun! The Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favs. It's also the first R-rated movie I saw without an adult with me. (My friend's mom bought us tickets, then went home. We were 15. I don't think movie theaters allow that anymore.) I own the movie, and yet still watch it any time I come across it on TV. I also quote it quite often--my favorite being, "Excuse me a minute....What are you babbling about?" (John Bender to Brian.) My sister hears this from me constantly! :o)

The Inwood Theatre sounds cool--we need something like that here.

Kris Hundt said...

I'm a big fan. Hate that I missed the midnight showing. I still haven't gotten to try out the "love seats" at the Inwood. Soon I hope.