Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The other day, when I was playing at Awakening Heart, the topic of discussion was Daily Practice. And on that day, we were referring to the daily practice of meditation.

This subject keeps coming up for me- in a book I'm currently reading, in an article in Yoga Journal, and in a few conversations I've had with friends. Not just daily practice, but commitment and dedication. Coincidentally, my 15 year wedding anniversary is in just a couple of days. Marriage takes a lot of commitment, dedication and daily practice- if you’re wanting a good marriage, that is. And well, of course I am!

It's easy to practice anything when you're in the mood. But what is truly inspiring is showing up for practice and keeping your commitment even when you don't feel like it. I have lots of "practices" in my life, but I think running is the only one I show up for consistently- whether I'm in the mood or not. And what I know for sure is that I've never thought, "That was a waste of time! I should've just watched T.V. instead of getting out for my run today." Never. Not once. Even on my hottest and hardest of runs.

One of the teachers who led the discussion at Awakening Heart told me to think of my practice as something that isn't optional. I've always felt that way about my workouts. Like Nike's tagline says- "Just Do It." Just do it, and don't have a discussion with yourself about it. Just get out the damn door!

So I'm making a list of what I want my daily practices to be. And once I make that list, I'm committing to it.

None of my practices will have an end in site, or some goal that I’m after. I’m only concerning myself with the process. All I have to do is show up. That phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect” is such a turn off for me. I’m not a person that works well under pressure. Trying to make something perfect sounds like a whole lotta pressure to me!

So I’m making my list, I’m checking it twice, and then I’m showing up!
What’s on your list?

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