Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Bloom

It is that lovely time of the year, when I am overcome by the urge to buy the beautiful Spring colored flowers to plant in pots for my front and back porches. Spring officially began two days ago- The trees are starting to pop with green, weeds are starting to grow in my yard-which means the grass is soon to follow!, and the days are perfect for sitting outside without even getting eaten up by mosquitoes!

This morning, my husband and I went up to two different plant nurseries. He was there to pick out a few shrubs to fill in around a tree we planted a few years ago, and I tagged along.

I walked by and touched so many beautiful plants and flowers. And I couldn't resist buying my ten favorites. And although they are my favorites, and I already love them, I also feel sad for them. They are probably at their peak in beauty and happiness TODAY. Right now. Freshly planted in my pots. Just watered. There's not one ounce of neglect I'm exhibiting toward them at this point. If only they knew my history.

I worry for them that I will repeat my typical pattern. I will water them and look at them lovingly while the weather is still great. If we're lucky, this could last a couple of months. But as the heat and mosquitoes take over, I'm likely to turn my affection over to something else entirely.

My intentions are good. I really WANT to stay dedicated to my plants this year. I want them to live long lives and feel so great that they bloom flowers everywhere to prove it! But I am not known for having a green thumb. I can never tell if I'm over or under-watering. (My husband assures me, I have never over-watered a plant in my life.) I'm never sure if they need more sun, or less. As soon as one starts to brown, or get droopy,...well, it seems to be too late to do anything to save them.

Today is March 21st. The 2nd day of Spring. I'll try to remember to post an update on the first day of Summer and see if my new plants were all able to hang in there and thrive- and then we'll see how far we can go from there.

Happy Spring, Everybody. My all your flowers bloom!

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Kris Hundt said...

What a grand time of year!!! Enjoy while you can.