Friday, March 27, 2009


I firmly believe that no one loves you like your mom. I know for sure this is the case for me, anyway.

I have so many great memories of Mom. One in particular I thought of this morning. It's just a small snapshot of a day, but I think of it often because it represents the way Mom made me feel. And it is this~

Mom had coffee with her friends every Friday morning. They'd meet up at a la Madeleine near her house. She'd invite me along, but usually I didn't go. They met sort of early, on the other side of town from me, and it just wasn't something I usually thought to do. I remember one morning I did happen to show up, though. I saw the table of her and a group of about 10 other ladies. I so vividly remember her turning to see me as I walked over to her and with such a happy and surprised look she said, "Well, there she is!", and pulled up a chair for me to sit right beside her. It seemed so sweet to me, because I saw my mom so often, and talked to her daily but yet, me showing up for coffee somehow brought her such joy. I would've thought with so many friends there, my being there wouldn't have really added much. But Mom made it clear how much she loved having me beside her, along with her big group of friends.

Like I said, it was just a little moment, but one that I have thought of often. And it makes me so happy, because I remember, THAT is how Mom loved me.

It's been 4 years now- I miss her every single day. But memories such as this one are still clear- I still see her face, hear her voice, and I know how much she loved me.


Anonymous said...

Those "snapshots" are the memories we cherish. How's your hand?

kerri said...

thanks for leaving a comment...and for asking about the hand!!!

well, it's still attached to the rest of my body. :) and i expect it to start pulling it's weight around here pretty soon! stitches come out at the end of the week.