Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's My Bag

After busting the zipper of my over-loaded purse, I decided to go buy myself a new, bigger bag to keep all my necessary crap in.

This solo shopping excursion I took today made me think so much about my mom. When I was a kid, she used to take me shopping. She always made me start at the discount stores, which at the time, I thought was so lame. I can remember once we got home with all of our loot, I'd show my dad all the things that his money had bought me. And my mom and I would get so excited about the great deals we found. Inevitably, we were always able to tell dad that we actually saved more than we spent, once you took all of the discounts into account. (I Heart Unexpected Puns!)

Mom would have been so happy with my purchase today. I started at the discount stores. I looked at a few places, and then I found the cutest bag- maybe the cutest bag ever, in the whole history of the world, at TJMaxx. It had the original brand price tag on it and it said it was $229. The TJMaxx price tag said $99. It was actually more than I had planned on spending. But the bag was just so darn cute. (As already stated above.) AND, I saved more than I spent.

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