Monday, March 30, 2009

Stinky Pinky

I survived my trigger finger surgery.

The hand surgeon gave me some false expectations regarding recovery, so I keep thinking something is very, very wrong because I can't bend my pinky without pain. (He had me thinking I'd be playing my guitar within a few days.)

I just had the surgery on Wednesday. Which means it's only been 4 days since I was knifed! Pretty soon, my pinkie is going to start pulling her weight around here, and when she does and I become more agile with the typing, I've got some strange hospital-stay happenings to report.

Preview One example: While in the recovery room, I asked my surgeon if he had other surgeries like mine later that day and he replied, "No. Not like yours. But I do have a hairy one coming up. It's a revision. I don't normally have to go back in, but something just didn't go right on this one. Now I have to reset the bone." Awesome to hear, right after this man had just stitched me up. Hopefully he doesn't consider my hand "hairy". I pray for NO REVISIONS.

1 comment:

Rrramone said...

Your hand IS hairy, but that's another matter. :-)

Hoping for a quick recovery!!