Friday, August 22, 2008

Waiting and Hoping and Tweaking

The print shop is now printing out my cd covers. Everything has been recorded and mixed. And it seems my cd is only about a week away from popping it's head out into the world.

As I wait on the part I cannot control or do myself, I keep listening to my song mixes and making slight adjustments. I think I could go on forever with this. And I wonder at what point will I feel I can just walk away?

When I write a song I don't have this problem. When it's done, I know it's done. But this is not the case with mixing the recorded versions of my songs. It seems like a hamster wheel I'm on. One little tweak to a song only leads to the need for another little tweak. (And I am, by the way, aware that "tweaking" also refers to meth-amphetamine use!)

Soon, I know it will be time to just put it down, and walk away. My tweaking will have to stop soon. And hopefully, no permanent damage will be done.

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