Monday, August 25, 2008

Boy A

I went and saw "Boy A" at the Inwood theater today. Partly because I was interested in the movie after reading some reviews, and partly because I wanted to check out one of the Inwood's upstairs theaters after seeing Mark Cuban talking about it on a local talk show.

The movie AT LEAST equaled, and actually surpassed my expectations. It was so well acted by the actor, Andrew Garfield, who that plays "Boy A". It's the story of a boy who did a dreadful childhood act to another child and was sent to prison. The movie begins as he gets out and is taking on his new name and identity so he can live life safely- I won't give things away here, but his crime was seen as so heinous, there's lots of people out there that would rather see him dead.

Since he was convicted at such a young age, he's still quite young even when he gets out. I would guess early 20s? Anyway, it was an interesting and sad movie. Really, really great. But since it's not a big Hollywood movie, not nearly enough people will get out to see it. And that is such a shame.

The Inwood Theater is such a step back in time, and I have always loved that about it. They recently updated some things, and one thing they did was to put big leather chairs with side table in the upstairs theaters. But I had envisioned something more akin to a Lazy-Boy recliner. These were still basic movie theater type seats, but leather, or something that looked like leather. And there were little table to the side in place of about every 3rd chair. It was slightly more comfortable than the average theater but not really as great as how I interpreted Mark Cuban's description. But hey, he owns the place- Of course he's gonna sell it! Like I said, I love the Inwood, and always have. In fact, I love it so much, I'm glad it's really not any different now after all!


Mark said...

thx for going to the Inwood.

The Screening Room with the Love Sacs is the downstairs auditorium !!

try us again !


kerri said...

Yes, Mark- I WILL go back. I told the popcorn girl how excited I was to see the upstairs theater after hearing about the comfy chairs and she said, "They're not that different from a normal movie theater..." but failed to tell me that it was the downstairs theaters that are all pimped out.
I can't wait to go back-